Blankets & Car Seat Covers

The Shaggy Blanky:

We are also pleased to offer a new addition: our shaggy blanky!  This blanky is  approximately 18" by 18" or 24" by 24" - the perfect size for your little one to tote around and love on.  The blankies can be made to match any set, and they are lined with super-soft minkee fabric.  The 18" shaggy blanky costs $28, and the 24" costs $38 .

Large Swaddling Blankets:

If you are a fan of swaddling your infant, you know how hard it is to find blankets big enough when they get to be 2 or 3 months old.  Those store-bought infant  receiving blankets just don't cut it!  Well, we have the solution to that problem:  Large Flannel Swaddling Blankets!!

They are approximately 40" x 40" and are truly big enough to wrap up your little one tightly!  These blankets are make of cozy flannel and can be embellished with fabric or a monogram to complement a onesie, burp cloth, changing pad, or bib.  Our blankets cost $14, and we get rave reviews from moms who use them to swaddle their infants.


Car Seat Covers:

Finally, the perfect way to keep your little one protected from germs, the elements, and well-meaning strangers!  This 36"X36" lined blanket attaches to your infant carrier handle with velcro closures and is perfectly sized to keep your infant fully covered without dragging on the floor.  Your little one can sleep snuggly and comfortably protected when you have to get out to run errands.  Helps babies catch some sleep on the go.  It can also double as a blanket and costs $34.

Pictured below are some examples of our work.  These are merely examples, so take a look to see what you like.  You can contact us via email at to discuss your custom order.