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Custom Handmade Fine Funky Clothing and Accessories for Fabulous Infants and Children



My interest in sewing began a long time ago.  My mom  is a wonderful seamstress, and she was always creating everything from gorgeous quilts to awesome Halloween costumes to Barbie clothes when my sister and I were young.  In high school, mom taught me a few things, and I really began to sew in earnest.  I took many a piece of newspaper held up to myself as 'patterns', and created my own tops and skirts.

My best friend had suggested for years that I launch a custom sewing business.  She even had the perfect name for it: Kellie Bellie's - kind of a childhood nickname she had for me.  So, after some discussion with my mom and sister, I decided to launch in mid 2006.

I love the custom aspect of Kellie Bellie's.  I really like that I can work with people to find the perfect fabric for them.  When they're looking for baby gifts, they might say, 'my friends love the beach - let's do something with fish or seashells.'  Or 'they're really big {insert team here} fans, can you do something for that?'  It's so gratifying to be able to sew beautiful things for people to their exact specifications.  I love doing the shopping for the fabric and helping them with their ideas!

I do most of the sewing out my little spare bedroom at the front of my house - Kellie Bellie's Headquarters.   My husband doesn't seem to mind the clutter of so many projects going at one time; he seems to enjoy 'his' time while I'm in there working.  My mom and my sister help me, too, and we're always trading ideas back and forth and sending pictures of our latest creations.  My sister does all of the monogramming at her house.  She's also the official 'tester' of all things baby.  As the mother of two busy little boys, she has several of everything we make and has thoroughly road-tested it all and deemed it 'useful' and durable!

I do have a regular day job in Healthcare, but I wouldn't mind one bit if I could be home sewing all day.  It is so gratifying to me to hear back from my customers how much they are enjoying their Kellie Bellie's goodies, and it is the highest compliment when someone who was given a Kellie Bellie's gift places an order.

So browse around the site and drop me an email if anything strikes your fancy.  I'd love to work with you to create something fabulous!

 ~ Kellie


l to r:  Kellie, my mom Suzanne, my sister Kris

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