Skirts & Two Piece Sunsuits

Girls' Skirts and Two Piece Sunsuits

We have a great spring and summer choice for your little girl:  a precious tw0-piece sunsuit.  The top crosses in the back, buttons at the shoulders and has matching long bloomer bottoms.  It is so cute!!  The set of top and bloomers costs $44.

front of sunsuit:

back of sunsuit:

The Kelliebellie's Skirt

The Kelliebellie's skirt is another classic addition to any girl's wardrobe.  The gathered elastic waist gives the skirt a fun look while ensuring a good fit, and the band of coordinating fabric on the bottom gives the skirt a finished look.  Ric-rack or trim can be added for a fun embellishment!  The skirt can be made in any size, and the length and waist can be made to your exact measurements.  Cost: $24.

Pictured below are some examples of our work.  These are merely examples, so take a look to see what you like.  You can contact us via email at to discuss your custom order.

back of sunsuit top: