Nursing Shawls

We are also very pleased to offer nursing shawls.  If you have nursed an infant in public, you know how difficult it is to keep a blanket up on your shoulder and keep everything under cover.  Our nursing shawl solves all of these problems.  It has a long adjustable strap to go over your head and boning across the top so you can see your baby but no one else can.  The sides are wide enough to keep you modest, and the  hip, beautiful fabric will ensure you feel fashionable.  This is a great gift for nursing mothers, as it is also perfect to use while pumping!  Our nursing shawl costs $30, and it folds up into a small bundle, so it does not take up too much precious diaper bag space!

                "I received a nursing shawl as a gift, and I never would have guessed I would get so much use out of it!  I used it in the hospital when people were constantly in and out of my room,  and now I use it all the time at home when people are over visiting.  It's large to enough to keep me totally covered, so I don't have to worry at all.  It also comes in very handy when I'm out in public."-SL

Pictured below are some examples of our work.  These are merely examples, so take a look to see what you like.  You can contact us via email at to discuss your custom order.